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Hora de Family Crafting Parte 2

We previously left off our last post with a complete set of Jellyfish or Squid like creaturas (creatures) that my son called Opulus (check it out here). In this post we finish the promised HORA (HOUR) of crafting.

After the initial craft project was completed we breaked for a botana (snack) and agua (water). Which I figured would take all of 5 minutes….but it actually took 15 minutes and I lost my audience.


Bear was so excited about his creations he played with them for some time before I asked if he wanted his Opulus to have some amigos (friends), YES!, he replied, how exciting for me!

Step one: Obtenga tus suministros (Gather your supplies)

We gathered our next set of supplies (perdon, I apologize I did not photograph them separately so below you’ll see the original stack of supplies followed by a list of what is needed for the crab project).



  • 3 toilet paper roll halves (or 1 half roll per crab)
  • Craft paint or finger paints (color of your choice), you can also use crayons or any coloring medium you have
  • White glue
  • Craft pipe cleaners (you can use thick or stiff twine also)
  • Sequins, beads, or cut-out embellishments
  • 1 sheet of construction paper
  • Stapler
  • Hole puncher

Step 2: Prepara y pinta los rolos (Prep and paint your t.p. roll)

First you want to flatten your t.p. roll so it resembles more the body of a cangrejo (crab).


Then punch four holes on each side of your crab (we were so into the craft I forgot to take a pic of this step…oops!) . This is where you will insert and twist the pipe cleaners for patas (legs).

Next choose whichever color paint you would like your crab to be. You can also use crayons, collage or markers to cover your crab shell.

Step 3: Coloque las patas en los huecos (place the legs in the holes)

Thread your pipe cleaners through two adjacent holes and twist. Repeat for remaining holes.

Stap 4:  Vamos a embellesar los cangrejos (let’s embellish the crabs)

Decorate your crab’s shell using sequins or jewels, confetti, stickers or any kind of embellishments you would like. Have some fun letting your child use their imagination and creativity. Anything goes with this step!

**TIP: When using wet glue, pour a small amount onto a scrap paper to “dip” from to avoid over-squeezing and a big mess!

Step 5: Corta y engrapa las pinzas del cangrejo (cut and staple the crab pincers)

Cut out the shape of two crab claws for each crab and tuck into the t.p. roll then staple in place. You can glue this instead, I chose to staple the front and back of the crab to help it maintain its shape and give it a sturdy feel. That’s it! All done.


This was a great bonding project for my husband, son and I. We did it as a family amd it turned out really great. Between the two crafts we had a long break and I was afraid O would not gain Bear’s focus enough to keep him engaged for the rest of the project. I think that allowing him to sort of lead in the design making (or at least making him feel as such) really helped him to run with his creative ideas. I would definitely do this again in the future and O hope you will consider it a family project you can do with your kiddos too!


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